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Seeing form without being contaminated by form, or hearing sound without being contaminated by sound, is liberation.
The eyes that are not attached to the shape are the Tao door.
Founder and International Headmaster of Ving Tsun Academy® Int'l with the title of Grand Master in Ving Tsun kung fu. In the disciplines of the interpersonal skills he has many years of experience (being his path started in the 80s), certified Master in Filipino Martial Arts, Traditional Wu Shu, Taiji Quan, Taiji Gong and Qi Gong, meditative and relaxation gymnastics. Recognized and a member of the most relevant organizations in the world, his studies, research and expertise range from: Neuropsychology, traditional oriental massage, Physiology, Kinesiology, Philosophy, Kinematics and alternative care.

They describe him: Visionary, controversial Philosopher and assiduous researcher of the contextual essence of the human being. Of a Positivist nature (often mistakenly understood as positivity, of a completely different analytical key), a supporter of the philosophical approach based on the validity of knowledge of facts, he believes in the development of the positive science method to all sectors of human activity. To those who know him, he transmits serenity and unique concreteness, maintaining the evolutionary dynamism that distinguishes him.
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