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Academy founded in 1992 by Grand Master Paul TANG and Dai Sifu Miriam Ponce with the collaboration of people interested in discipline and education in interpersonal skills. Already a few years after its foundation, the Academy has been regarded as a reference point in the world martial arts scene, distinguishing itself exemplary for continuous evolution and research, adapting itself to a changing and never stylized reality. The purpose is to pass on an authentic, accurately enriched and molded style, adapting it to the needs of a constantly evolving reality. Through methods developed on the basis of decades of experience, the Academy is able to provide the practitioner with the appropriate tools aimed at acquiring greater introspective awareness of external perception by establishing a conceptual feeling between psyche and soma, thus increasing the self-esteem. With the collaboration of a TEAM of technicians (from Head Class to 5th Grade) and teachers (from Sifu Grade to 5th  Philosophy Grade) carefully trained through appropriate theoretical/practical preparation and selection, Ving Tsun Academy International spread a model of Education based on traditions and philosophies of Oriental culture, adapting the teaching method to the modernity of the 3rd millennium and the evolution of the violent and aggressive real combat.  -Italian | Espanol-

Where are the Classes
GERMANY: Augsburg | Potsdam

ITALY: Bassano del Grappa VI | Bastia di Rovolon PD | Bergamo | Biella | Camposampiero PD | Castelfranco Veneto TV | Cagliari | Cittadella PD | Cologna Veneta VR | Conegliano TV | Firenze | Milano | Marcon VE | Mestre VE | Modena | Montebelluna TV | Padova | Quinto di Treviso | Roma | San Giorgio delle Pertiche PD | San Donà di Piave VE | Scorzè VE | Trento | Treviso | Valdobbiadene | Verona | Vicenza

OHIO -United States of America-: London

IRELAND: Belfast

ROMANIA: Bacau | Slobozia

SPAIN: Palma de Mallorca

SWITZERLAND: Zurich | Bern

UNITED KINGDOM: Liverpool | Norwich

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